Boy! Boy! This is the first time I have had a whole piece of anything. I have never had a whole wiener, or a whole egg, or a whole mashed potato, or a whole apple, or a whole anything. Now that I am two, I have a whole piece of cake. For two years, all my food was in pieces. Just pieces. A piece of this and a piece of that. When I would run out of pieces, Mama would cut more pieces and put just a few on my highchair. I would eat some pieces, then I have to wait for more pieces. Mama I want more pieces.

I am not really sure just what I am supposed to do with a whole piece of cake? I guess I will just grab some of it, and stuff it in my mouth. Hey!, that works pretty well. It makes my fingers sweet. As Daddy would say, this is a whole new ballgame. Mama puts the spoon in my right hand. That way I can stuff cake in my mouth with my left hand.

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