Mama says we need to pick up the mess from the presents. Then we need to put the presents in the baskets. After that we will eat birthday cake. The cake part sounds like fun. I should have time to examine some of the doors here before we eat cake.

These doors are where Mama keeps her old pictures in books. Most of the pictures are of people I have never seen before. They are mostly old people like Mama and Daddy. Sometimes I take all the books out, and sometimes I put them back. If I don't put them back, Daddy will do it for me. Daddy likes things to be neat and all picked up. Sometimes he picks things up and puts them where I can't find them. Then I have to go around opening all the doors I can find. I am looking for toys that daddy has picked up. Sometimes Vincent takes my toys, too. No! No! Vincent. That's my toy.

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