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The Diaper Caper When an infant in arms is left to his own devices, and a baggy diaper, the outcome may boggle the imagination.
A Lesson in Diversity When a five year old and two twelve year olds meet for the first time in a cruise ship hot tub, it generates a fascinating conversation on diversity.  Fortunately, one mother was listening to repeat the story lines as they unfolded. 
The Trashman's Monument An earthy story of a small-fry's adaptability that, except for it's awesome dimensions and serious consequences, should probably remain untold and unseen. (The Trashman's Monument)
Marie's Roots A fourteen-year-old city girl tolerates examining her genetic heritage in the old country until one day it is carried to a painful extreme in Marie's Roots
Connecting the Dots A startling response by an eight year old to new medication suggests that he is Connecting the Dots  for the first time. 
Insch Indians A screaming pack of wild Indians startles a group of tourists while exploring an ancient ceremonial site in Scotland.  Insch Indians
Shopping with Mama Three boys developmental stages are surprisingly revealed when asked if they would like to go Shopping with Mama.
Pookie Shows Her Pigs Pookie, a city girl, pesters her parents.  In desperation, they propose a project to protect their privacy.  Pigs are the answer. Pookie Shows Her Pigs
Matt Turns Two A little Italian pistol, with more genetic connections than should be identified, struggles with a door fettish, mama power, and his first whole piece of cake. Matt Turns Two
Matt Explores Kansas While examining his Kansas roots, Matt, the offspring of a pure Sicilian Italian, instructs his other ancestors that real Italians don't put butter on bread. That is what you do with olive oil.  Many pictures document Matt's first visit to Dorothy's briar patch, as he learns all about America's bread basket.
Kids at their Best Matthew and Robert display a little of their character during a recent visit by the grandparents.  Is it actually possible to spend a whole year in the first grade and not learn a thing?  I will take that as a (Yes - Maybe - No)??
Wanda Maybe When new neighbors move in next door, the initial introductions through a three-year-old girl create more questions than answers. 

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