Here is another one of my presents. It is Tinky Winky. He is a Teletubby. No, Vincent, Tinky Winky is my toy. You can't have it. Look at Mama. She is pinching his foot to get him to say something. Tinky Winky says OUCH. Mama, you are pinching too hard. Let me show you how to make Tinky Winky talk.

Tinky Winky is all purple. He says a lot of things. My daddy says Tinky Winky will talk to the television set if you treat him just right. Grandpa said that he had an Uncle who talked to a television set, and his Mama sent him away to a funny farm. My daddy talks to the television set all the time when the Mets are playing.

You can tell Tinky Winky right away because he has a triangle on his head. That is funny, isn't it? If Tinky Winky talks to the television set, will you send him away to the funny farm? I don't care what everybody says about Tinky Winky. If daddy talks to the television set, Tinky Winky can talk to the television set. Right, Mama? Mama is powerful.

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