Eagle on the Fourth

        An eagle on any golf course is an exciting event. The T-box on the Cypress Course, fourth fairway, Palm Coast, Florida adjoins my back yard.  For several years a magnificent bronze eagle weathervane sat in my garage shrouded in darkness most of the time.  Then it occurred to me that the eagle should become a sentinel to monitor the regular shenanigans on the T-box.  With a tailored aluminum post the eagle has been mounted near the old men's T-box  for several years.  The following pictures document the bonus value from the fourth fairway's permanent eagle.

Eagle on the Fourth at the T-box

The usual view from office window

An eagle and a hawk!  Quick!  Get the camera.

An eagle and two hawks

Edibles everywhere

Are we sitting on an eagle?

Edibles left?

Edibles left and edibles right?

This is the only occasion the hawks have been seen on the eagle.
But there is evidence they, or other birds, have perched there before. 

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