Daytonas Bike Week Beauties

            It is difficult to express in words the culture of Daytonas Bike Week.  As an original biker, my Whizzer from the 40s would scarcely qualify among todays meticulously designed hogs.  Like everything in the great American scene, what has evolved over the past 70 years is phenomenal.  The following photo album shows a cross section of Bike Week in pictures.  As this was my first visit to Bike Week, I took my camera expecting an exciting collection of surprises.  I was not disappointed. 

            I parked in the high-rise public garage where I noticed the parking fee for four-wheelers was double its usual price.  Two wheelers could park for half that fee, a fare that few two wheelers paid. It is possible to park a two-wheeler on a small piece of imagination absolutely free of charge, except in Volusia County during bike week.  With half a million (500,000) bikers in the area for the festivities, all parking becomes an opportunity for local merchants.  

            After parking I left the garage and was initially confronted with a Harley Davidson billboard that said Dont Scratch Your Parts.  After sitting on a bike seat for an hour or more, I know that scratching your parts is an essential response to your natural environment.  I observed an abundance of appropriate scratching. 

The sign also hints of political correctness, a notion that does not sit comfortably with most bikers.  Harley was careful to place the sign in a location almost out of sight to the bikers.  What a relief to be free of the oppressive politically correct cult. 

These are my kind of people, I said to myself. 

Walking straight toward the conference center, I first encountered Beauty #1, a mama-type dressed in metal see-through mesh and leather, but showing far more skin than covering.  Being fundamentally a shy person, I walked right past her, and into a small gathering of three couples some distance away.  The women in the group were carefully examining every inch of her outfit, and undoubtedly were considering exactly what it would be like to display oneself in such a costume in full view of the public.  The men were gasping and grinning.  They were also quick to point out a very nice tail, a critters rear appendage in its appropriate site as part of her nicely coordinated outfit.  I mentioned that I would sure like to get a picture of her, but I was too shy to ask.  One of the three ladies replied immediately;

Anyone who would dress like that and walk around in public would love to have her picture taken.  Ill be happy to ask her for you.  So she did. 

Metal-mesh mama was my first eye-opener at bike week.  My female helper was not only correct, mama was eager for me to have pictures of both the front and rear views, assuring appropriate exposure of the tail-section, of which she was quite proud.  Both views are included below as Beauty #1. 

Braced with my former female helpers logic, I approached two additional beauties all on my own, and was cordially provided with photo poses displaying the gorgeous gals at Bike Week.  Beauty #2 was sporting a wild black fur hat, a radiant smile, and awesome female features.  I asked her where she managed to get her wild hat.  She said:

"In Daytona you can get anything you want during Bike Week"  There is no doubt you can get many things you want and probably many things you don't want during Bike Week. 

Beauty #3 was adorned from head to toe with body art, a one-piece suit and embroidered leather vest designed to display her very fine natural and artistic enhancements.  Always the business person, she proposed that we exchange hot links to our respective web sites.  Leslie Bowen, also known as Wild Child, and her sidekick, Starr Hughey, may be seen in the flesh in my picture below.  But her website will fill you in on many of her more intimate details.  God bless the American free enterprise system, and God Bless America!!!

These female beauties are essential companions for most bikers, whose hearts, and other parts, are in all the right places. 

As for the guys, they displayed an abundance of facial hair, leather, and body art.  But their bikes, like their women, were magnificent.  Watching them strut back and forth on Daytonas Main Street is a one of a kind spectacle. 

I personally vote for the ladies, with or without decorations, but the bikes were very nice. 

Click on each photo to enlarge.  Click the browser's back button to return to the thumbnails. 

Beauty #1 front view with leather chaps

Beauty #1 tail-view with critter accessory

Beauty #2 with wild hat and many great accessories

Wild Child displaying her handiwork with sidekick Starr

Bike Week Daytona 2004 Cruising Main Street

Grandpa cruising, Grandma in cathedral seating

A Magnificent stern-rider in red and gold

Lowboy beauty in green and blue

Russ Brown: Biker Lawyer's three-wheel masterpiece

Meticulous tank decor by Roadrunner

Under-seat decor by Roadrunner

Coordinated two-wheeler accessories

Old biker's old dreamgirl Harley

Magnificent facial hair with Jack Daniels headband

Lady bikers parking on Main Street

Embroidery for Ladies of Harley

Main Street Go-Go Girls

Mature bikers exhibit while beer-drinking

Time for a Bud, a Coors, or a Corona

Webmaster Settles being fleeced by a feather merchant

Feather merchant fleecing a pair of bikers

Budweiser exhibits a magnificent end at Bike Week

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