Kobler Ancestry Pictures

            All the following pictures have captions included, except for the final few which are farm scenes from the Carl Kobler farm on the Solomon River near Penokee, Kansas.   To enlarge any picture, click on it.  To return to the thumbnails, press the back button on your browser.  Mike Settles was responsible for editing a large number of these pictures, placing captions on each, and removing blemishes where possible.  He even placed a second arm on one of D.J. Steeples pictures (Steeples Ancestry album), as the arm in the actual picture was missing.  As we all know, D.J. had both arms, and he raised a bunch of kids.  Thanks to Mike for his hard and professional work.  Then with the assistance of Lois Steeples Settles, Jean Webb, Jo Haslett, and Raymond Kobler, every effort was made to identify each of the individuals in order as they appear on the group pictures.

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