Steeples Ancestry

            The Steeples ancestry album is based upon the D.J. Steeples family from their farm west of Zurich, Kansas and the William Wallace Steeples family from Holton, Hill City, and Palco, Kansas.   Most of the pictures have an imbedded caption that identifies each of the persons shown.  Pictures without imbedded captions have captions below the respective pictures.  To enlarge any picture, click on it.  To return to the thumbnails, press the back button on your browser. 

            Mike Settles, one of many of D.J.'s great-grandsons, was responsible for editing a large number of these pictures, placing captions on each, and removing blemishes where possible.  He even placed a second arm on one of D.J. Steeples' pictures, as the arm in the actual picture was missing.  As we all know, D.J. had both arms, a valuable asset in raising a bunch of kids single-handed (?).  Thanks to Mike for his professional contribution.  Then with the assistance of Lois Steeples Settles, Jean Steeples Webb, and Joann Steeples Haslett, every effort was made to identify each of the individuals in order as they appear in the group pictures. 

Mary Fulcher, sister of Myrtle

Maggie Fulcher McNeley, sister of Myrtle

Maggie Fulcher McNeley

Mary Fulcher, sister of Myrtle

Mary Fulcher Yohe, Martha Allen, sisters of Myrtle

Martha Fulcher Allen

Elmer Douglas Fulcher, brother of Myrtle

Emery Benjamin Fulcher, brother of Myrtle

Nell Steeples Abbott, Olive Burns Rarick, half-sister of DJ

Edith Steeples, DJ's oldest

Ethel Burns Chamberlain, half-sister of DJ, James Chamberlain

Martin Franklin Fulcher, brother of Myrtle

John Finley Fulcher, brother of Myrtle

Florence Coddington Fesler, Frank Hinkhouse

Freda Steeples, WW sister

Olive Steeples, WW sister

Marie Kobler Steeples, 1960s

Marie Kobler Steeples, 1970s

Marie Kobler Steeples 1980s

Marie Kobler Steeples, 1990s

William Wallace Steeples, 1928

WW Steeples, 1934

WW Steeples 1945

WW Steeples 1949

WW Steeples 1960s

Wallace Steeples 1960s

Wallace Steeples 1923

Wallace, Marie, and Jean Steeples 1928

WW Steeples and Marie Kobler 1923

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