Street Characters

        The following album shows an assortment of street characters who startle and entertain unsuspecting travelers.  Such characters are far more popular in western Europe than in the States, although New Orleans and Disney World may be exceptions.  Many of the characters follow a limited script of interaction with their admiring public, and in Europe the standard presentation always includes a container for donations.  A few may even earn a living through their display of street smart. 
        Most of the characters are motionless most of the time, appearing more like department store mannequins.  For those who make a donation, the character plays a short script acknowledging the donation, winking, bowing, smiling or otherwise coming out of character.  One coy character withheld his gratitude until after the donor has turned his or her back, then puts on a substantial show for all the spectators who have not yet contributed.  When the crowd applauds or laughs, the donor often turns around to find out what the character did on ones blind side.  Surprise!
        The last character in this collection not only earned her living, but so fascinated her Disney World audience that the adults and children alike could not take their eyes off of her; the lady grapevine. Except for her walking along the heavily traveled path, she could hide among the trees, and few would ever spot her.   

Cowboy on the trunk

Cowboy up close

Cowboy's trunk of props

Crusader in color

Cupid with bow

Cupid with donor

Fat old man on hand

Golden glow

Italian masked couple

Italian couple and donor

Old organ grinder

Marionette on piano

Scribe in Venice

Scribe and tourist

Dude in silver suit


Treelady and branches

More treelady

A Fruity Beauty

Grapelady on path

Hiding among trees

Almost invisible

Hiding a total woman

Magnificent disquise

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